Decarbonising heat
One community at a time

Unlocking the potential of geothermal energy on an industrial scale

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The time to act is now

Today, Europe’s heating sector still relies heavily on fossil fuels, but we need something better. Volatile prices and inconsistent supply threaten households and businesses alike, and if Europe fails to decarbonise heat, our chances of achieving NetZero by 2050 fall to 0% – We want to change that.

By unlocking the untapped potential of geothermal energy, we can decarbonise district heating systems across Europe, making heating both greener and cleaner. Our unique skillset and revolutionary business model allow us to industrialise geothermal heating, protect district heating companies and consumers against subsurface risk, and provide heat at stable, attractive prices.

The future lies in front of our feet – and beneath them.


of energy used by EU households is for heating homes

Why geothermal heating?



Geothermal heat is the renewable resource beneath our feet. Utilizing geothermal heat is the biggest step towards clean heating and energy independence a community can make.



Geothermal heat is available all year-round and is, therefore, perfect as a baseload in district heating networks. The reservoir is its own storage unit – just turn on the tap and it’s there.


Price stable

We make geothermal heating at scale, driving down costs, and our revolutionary business model ensures stable heat prices throughout 30 years of operation.



Our geothermal heating plants are much smaller than comparable sources of district heating, and when built they emit no pollution, no noise, and no smell.



Paired with renewable power, geothermal heat is not only emission-free, but close to carbon neutral. 

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Innargi employee speaks to neighbours at the construction site in Aarhus


A change at scale

As the globe is getting warmer, it’s time to rethink the way we heat our urban buildings. Innargi wants to contribute by heating millions of urban homes while leaving zero impact on our planet by unearthing geothermal energy.

Our natural world is precious, and we can all make small changes to the way we live. But what our climate really needs is change at scale. Solar and wind have already transformed how we produce energy. What those technologies have done for electricity, geothermal energy can do for district heating.

The future is here. Let’s stay ahead.

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