Project: Poznan, Poland

Project • Seismic

Innargi has entered into an agreement with Veolia Energia Polska and Veolia Energia Poznań about exploring the potential for geothermal energy for district heating in Poznan. The project is aimed at decarbonizing district heating and is in line with Veolia’s mission to be the benchmark company for ecological transformation.

In brief

  • If everything goes to plan, the geothermal project will provide 100 MW of clean, dependable, and cheap heat.
  • If the results of the 2023 investigation prove positive, a fully operational geothermal heating plant can be launched in approximately 5 years.

“This marks an important step towards the decarbonization of district heating, based on the adoption of new technologies. By delivering geothermal energy, we are contributing to improving the environment and air quality in the city, while at the same time protecting our customers from increasing carbon prices.”

Frédéric Faroche,

Chairman of the Board, CEO of Veolia Group in Poland

About the parties involved

Veolia Group in Poland
aims to become the benchmark company for ecological transformation. As a proven partner to cities and industries all over Poland for more than 25 years, the Group offers innovative tailored solutions utilizing its knowledge and experience. By investing in the expansion and modernization of its production and distribution infrastructure, as well as developing solutions for the management of water, waste and energy, the Group ensures the highest quality of services. Veolia encourages circular economy by designing and deploying economically efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the sustainable development of cities and the industry.

Veolia Energia Poznan
is a producer and distributor of system heat and cogenerated electricity and manages the district heating network. It supplies system heat to approximately 60% of the city’s population, as well as industrial plants, public institutions, as well as shopping and services centres. Veolia Energia Poznań continues a 120-year-long tradition of energy production in Poznań and the 50-year-long history of the district heating network, offering its customers innovative 3 and tailored energy services. As part of Veolia Group and its commitment to sustainable development, the company designs and deploys innovative energy-efficient solutions that are optimal for the environment and local communities.