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Geothermal in Aarhus

Innargi is in collaboration with district heating company Kredsløb on bringing geothermal district heating to the the second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus. The geothermal heating plant will be the biggest of its kind in the EU once completed in 2030. In total the plant will consist of seven facilities in seven different locations around Aarhus.

Kredsløb and Innargi has entered a 30 year agreement on the development and operation of the heating plant. The project kicked off in November 2023 with drilling the first of 17 wells, expected to deliver the first heat in 2025.

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Samir Abboud, CEO at Innargi; Lasse Sørensen, Chief of Business Development at Kredslob

At the Skejby site in Aarhus. From left to right: Samir Abboud, CEO at Innargi; Lasse Sørensen, Chief of Business Development at Kredsløb.

Aarhus Project

Current status

The first test well was drilled at the Port of Aarhus, and the second well in the test phase has just been completed in Skejby with a good result. The drilling process has gone well, and both reservoir temperature and water production (flow rate) live up to expectations.

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At a glance






MW total capacity

In Brief

  • Capacity & Demand

The planned collected capacity of the geothermal heating plants in Aarhus is 110MW, equalling 20% of Aarhus’ district heating demand.

  • Project Timeline

If everything goes to plan, the seven geothermal facilities are to be completed in 2029 with an expected operation of at least 30 years.

  • Environmental Impact

The annual CO2 emissions are expected to be reduced by up to 165,000 tonnes.

Latest Milestone

Drilling has started!

“Today is a significant day for Aarhus and Denmark’s green transition as we move from planning to action, initiating drilling to provide Aarhus’s first geothermal district heating by 2025. When the facility is completed, it will be a key element in securing the stable and green supply of the future and a significant contribution to the city achieving its climate goals in 2030.”

Thomas Rand, Chairman of the Board, Kredsløb

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Expected Project Timeline



Preparations of the exploration phase.


2022 - 2025

Exploration and appraisal phase.



Delivery of first heat.



Construction of the rest of the plan.



Operation and maintenance.

Two men discuss at a meeting table, with a diagram of a drill in the background
Seismic trucks in Aarhus, Denmark
Three people in Innargi PPE look at the drill on site
Two people laugh whilst holding a small drill bit
person in Innargi PPE on site at drilling site