Project: Aarhus, Denmark

project • Geothermal

Innargi has entered a 30-year agreement to develop and operate EU’s largest geothermal heating plant in Aarhus, Denmark. By providing circular, constant baseload energy for district heating, Innargi offers a green and sustainable alternative to biomass, coal and gas.

In brief

  • The planned collected capacity of the geothermal heating plants in Aarhus is 110MW, equalling 20% of Aarhus’ district heating demand.
  • If everything goes to plan, the several geothermal plants are to be completed in 2029 with an expected operation of at least 30 years.
  • The annual CO2 emissions are expected to be reduced by up to 165,000 tonnes.

“I am proud to make heating greener for the citizens of Aarhus. Geothermal energy marks a significant step in our endeavours to turn an increasing amount of energy into sustainable district heating. Geothermal energy is a precondition for reaching our goal in 2030 of phasing out imported wood pellets.”

Bjarne Munk Jensen,

Managing Director at Kredsløb A/S

About the parties involved

Affaldvarme Aarhus
delivers district heating to 330,000 citizens and recycles waste for 170,000 households in the Municipality of Aarhus. Affaldvarme Aarhus has as its goal to make it easy for customers and business partners to contribute to the green transition.