Who we are

Our team has many years of experience with the planning, execution and operation of complex projects in the subsurface. With the combined expertise and knowledge of geologists, reservoir, facility and drilling engineers from the oil industry and our partnership with local district heating experts, we are in a unique position to turn ambitious plans into real change.


Why are we here

Innargi was founded in 2017 by A.P. Moller Holding in order to examine whether competences from many years in oil and gas could help unlock the potential of geothermal energy for district heating. Today, Innargi is jointly owned by ATP (Denmark’s largest pension fund), NRGi (customer-owned utility company) and A.P. Moller Holding.

Originally a one-project venture in Aarhus, Innargi is now an international geothermal company with several projects in Northern and Eastern Europe. Our mission is to bring clean, reliable heating to Europe through the renewable resource beneath our feet – geothermal energy.

Constant Care: Take care of today, actively prepare for tomorrow

At the heart of our mission lies sustainability, where people and the planet take center stage. Our commitment extends beyond the present; we’re invested in securing a prosperous future for generations to come and safeguarding the health of our precious Earth. Safety isn’t just a policy; it’s our foundational principle, granting us the privilege to operate. We cherish the well-being of our employees, partners, customers, and surroundings. Business isn’t just about profits; it’s about forging enduring connections that ensure the sustained success of our enterprise. Within our organization, people matter most. We nurture a culture of empowerment and celebrate our collective strength found in our diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Together, as one cohesive team, we thrive.

Entrepreneurship: We are bold and humble

Driven by ambition, we raise the standards and infuse passion into every endeavor we undertake. Entrepreneurship fuels our journey; we boldly venture into the unknown, constantly innovating and pushing boundaries. Respect is our guiding principle; we approach each interaction with curiosity, eager to listen and learn. We create room for diverse voices and value alternative perspectives. When faced with obstacles, our persistence prevails; we persevere, keeping our eyes fixed on the broader vision, undeterred by challenges along the way.

Uprightness: We are transparent in the way we do business

Embracing openness, we foster a culture of transparency where information flows freely, knowledge is shared openly, and discussions are encouraged. We value diverse viewpoints and prioritise unbiased communication. Integrity serves as our compass; we consistently choose the path of ethical conduct, even in the face of challenges, and remain forthright in acknowledging both successes and setbacks. Loyalty binds us together as a unified team; we stand by one another, supporting decisions made in the best interest of Innargi and its values. Accountability is the cornerstone of our operations; we hold ourselves responsible for our actions, cultivating trust through our commitment to delivering on our promises.


The Senior Management Team

Our Senior Management Team has extensive experience in geothermal energy, finance, regulation, operations, building and construction, project development, HR and communication.

Meet the team

“Unlocking the potential of geothermal energy will provide district heating companies with a comprehensive and affordable baseload alternative to coal, gas and biomass.”

Samir Abboud



The Board

Our Board of Directors has extensive expertise in geothermal energy, finance, energy transformation, and regulation.

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A new way forward

In order to establish geothermal district heating on an industrial scale, new and innovative methods must be put into use. Read along and discover what it is we do and how we do it differently.

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