Third geothermal drilling commences in Aarhus

Third geothermal drilling commences in Aarhus

News • April 11, 2024

Press release • April 11, 2024

The second test drilling in Aarhus has been completed successfully with good results. On Friday, drilling of the third well will start. The expectation is that the work will take approximately 6 weeks.

Innargi is working closely with Kredsløb, a utility company, to develop a geothermal project in Aarhus. This project aims to provide 20% of the district heating to the citizens of Aarhus by 2030. The project will achieve this by harnessing the heat from geothermal water underground and transferring it to the district heating network.

The first test well was drilled at the Port of Aarhus, and the second well in the test phase has just been completed in Skejby with a good result. The drilling process has gone well, and both reservoir temperature and water production (flow rate) live up to expectations.

Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard is also pleased with the positive result of the drilling:

“We have a clear goal of waving goodbye to the wood pellets in Aarhus, and it is crucial that we quickly turn the plans into reality. Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that the first drilling results show promising trends so that green heat can be supplied to the citizens of Aarhus as early as next year. We are now seriously on the way in the major transition to the green district heating of the future in Aarhus. With geothermal energy, we are taking important steps to reduce the climate footprint of the city and its citizens and thereby create a better and cleaner city.”

Jacob Bundsgaard

Mayor of Aarhus

The plan is for the first heat to be delivered in autumn 2025.

“It is very gratifying that green transition is not just words and declarations of intent, but something we actually do in Aarhus. It is a technology that also has great potential worldwide, and Aarhus is the municipality you go to test new climate solutions.”

Nicolaj Bang

Alderman for Technology and Environment

“The positive result of the test drilling in Skejby means that we can continue drilling. The next well will be drilled at the same location, and when completed, we will build a plant with heat exchangers and heat pumps, from where we will supply heat to Circuit’s district heating network.”

Lars Heineke

Project Director at Innargi A/S


  • The geothermal heating plant in Aarhus will be the EU’s largest
  • Geothermal energy is expected to cover 20% of the district heating demand in Aarhus
  • In Aarhus, geothermal energy is expected to reduce annual CO2 emissions by approximately 165,000 tonnes (reduction in biogenic immediate emissions and reduction due to alternative use of biomass)

About the partners in the project

Kredsløb supplies district heating to 330,000 people and recycles waste for 170,000 households in Aarhus Municipality. Kredsløb has a declared goal of making it easy for customers and partners to contribute to the green transition.

Innargi A/S was founded in 2017 by A.P. Møller Holding A/S and is today owned by A.P. Møller Holding, ATP, NRGi and Sampension. Innargi’s mission is to bring geothermal energy into play as a source of heat in millions of homes with expertise from an experienced team of geologists, reservoir, facility and drilling engineers, as well as through partnerships with district heating experts.

Learn more about the Aarhus Project

Kredsløb and Innargi have signed a 30-year agreement for the development and operation of the facility. In November 2023, drilling of the first of a total of 17 wells started. In 2025, we expect to deliver the first heat.

You can follow the progress of the project here.

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