Project: Berlin, Germany

Project • Geothermal

Vattenfall Wärme  Berlin AG and Innargi – a company specialising in the development of deep geothermal district heating solutions – have formed a partnership to explore the strategy for utilizing geothermal energy as a climate-friendly heat source for Berlin’s district heating supply.

The primary aim of the Memorandum of Understanding between Vattenfall Heat and the Danish geothermal firm is to conduct a technical and economic feasibility study on the use of geothermal energy within Berlin’s district heating network. Over the next nine months, both companies will collaboratively analyze geological and technical data to gain an in-depth understanding of geothermal utilization in Berlin as a part of their strategy.

This collaboration is particularly aimed at supporting the Berlin Senate’s “Deep Geothermal Energy Roadmap” and achieving the goal of decarbonizing the heating supply by 2045.

About the partners

About Vattenfall: Vattenfall, a leading European energy company owned by the Swedish state, has been at the forefront of industry electrification and household energy supply for over a century. Our vision is a fossil-free future, where everyone has the ability to live, travel, and manufacture in a way that is free from fossil fuels.

About Innargi: Innargi is committed to the decarbonization of heating by leveraging the potential of geothermal energy as a comprehensive, affordable baseload alternative to fossil fuels for district heating companies. Founded in Denmark in 2017 by A.P. Moller Holding A/S, Innargi is now under the ownership of A.P. Moller A/S, ATP, NRGi, and Sampension.

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