Whistleblower Policy

The Innargi Group has implemented a whistleblower system to encourage that suspected breaches of Innargi policies as well as laws, rules, and regulations applicable to Innargi are reported to us. The aim of the whistleblower system is to continuously improve our organisational culture and governance and reduce the risk of wrongdoing.

Every violation report is important and helps us to prevent economic losses and damage to our reputation and the reputation of those associated with us. With your help, we can ensure our integrity and reliability and thereby also our success.

The following persons can file a report:

  • Employees, employees to be, or former employees of Innargi
  • Student trainees and/or volunteers working at Innargi
  • Business partners
  • Consultants and advisors to Innargi
  • Persons working under the supervision and management of Innargi‚Äôs contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers
  • Innargi Executive Management
  • Innargi Board of Directors
  • Innargi shareholders

On the whistleblower portal, you can find a description of how to file a report.

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