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As the globe is getting warmer, it’s time to rethink the way we heat our urban buildings. Innargi wants to heat millions of urban homes while leaving zero impact on our planet by unearthing geothermal energy.

Our natural world is precious, and we can all make small changes to the way we live. But what our climate really needs is change at scale. Solar and wind have already transformed how we produce energy. What those technologies have done for electricity, geothermal can do for heating.

Innargi has the team to make it happen. With the combined expertise and knowledge of geologists, reservoir, facility and drilling engineers from the oil industry and our partnership with local district heating experts, we are in a unique position to turn ambitious plans into real change.

Innargi is owned by A.P. Moller Holding.

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We supply hot water to your doorstep

We have developed a business model in which we take all the responsibility and risks at every phase of our projects, from the initial test drilling to supplying the warm water to the district heating company. That way, both the district heating companies and their customers can be certain that there will be no unanticipated added costs even if things do not go as planned.

5 - 6 YEARS

Project development

In the first phase we develop a custommade solution for the city in question, apply for an underground license and finalise the heat supply contracts.



In the second phase, we obtain permissions from the authorities and drill exploration wells with the purpose of exploring underground, evaluating the results and sending subcontracts an offer.


Construction phase

In the third phase we design and construct the geothermal plants and their wells.


Operation and maintenance

The fourth phase covers the technical operation. This means that we monitor and maintain wells and pumps, protect the reservoirs and ensure delivery of full heat potential.

Our team has many years’ experience with the planning, execution and operation of complex projects in the subsurface

Samir Abboud

Susanne Poulsen

Asbjørn Haugstrup

Niels Peter Øgelund

Diego Tejada Evans

Harikishan Mandalapu

Christoffer Mouritzen

Lea Holstein

Lars Petersen

Martin Kaster

Anja Nielsen

Niko van der Post

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