Project: Sønderborg, Denmark
Sønderborg, Denmark

Project • Geothermal

Sønderborg Varme A/S and Innargi A/S have entered into an agreement about investigating the possibility of establishing new geothermal heating plants in Sønderborg. The agreement is part of Sønderborg Varme’s ambitions to phase out natural gas and utilize the geothermal resources underneath Sønderborg.

In brief

  • The agreement spans 1-2 geothermal heating plants with a capacity of 17-34 MW.
  • If everything goes according to plan, the heat can be delivered to the district heating network at the end of 2026 or beginning of 2027.
  • In 2016, a visit to Sønderborg Varme was part of what inspired A. P. Moller Holding to found Innargi.

“We estimate a good potential for geothermal heating in Sønderborg and we look forward to developing this project in collaboration with Sønderborg Varme. We actually expect to build new plants, as we use a different technology compared to the old plant – both above and beneath the ground.”

Samir Abboud,

CEO at Innargi

Sønderborg Varme A/S

is responsible for all activities and operations regarding district heating in Sønderborg. The district heating company is a subsidiary of Sønderborg Fjernvarme A.m.b.a, a consumer-owned company with approximately 15,000 shareholders.