Project: Kiel, Germany

Project • Seismic

Innargi and Stadtwerke Kiel have agreed to investigate the potential for a geothermal district heating project in Kiel. The purpose of the agreement is to further decarbonize district heating in order to ensure the planned climate neutral heat production of the district heating company in Kiel in 2035.

In brief

  • In Kiel, geothermal water with a temperature of up to 76 degrees will be extracted from a two-to-three-kilometres deep production well.
  • If the test results are positive, development of geothermal heating could start in 2024.

“This is another important step towards making our district heating carbon neutral. We want to investigate whether deep geothermal energy could be a building block in our energy transition program, ‘Kurs Klimaneutralität’, in the future.”

Dr. Jörg Teupen,

Chief of Technology and HR at Stadtwerke Kiel AG

Stadtwerke Kiel

is a utility company providing the capital of Schleswig-Holstein with water, heat, and power. It has the ambitious target to be completely carbon neutral in district heating and power supply by 2035.