Project: Hørsholm, Denmark

Project • Geothermal

Norfors has entered into a framework agreement (Letter of Intent) with the energy company Innargi A/S to investigate the potential of geothermal energy as a new renewable and reliable source of district heating. The agreement marks a decisive step towards reducing CO2 emissions and strengthening energy supply in the area.

“The heat from the Earth’s core is there all the time, and it would be fantastic if we here in the municipality could utilise the renewable energy source that lies at our feet. The study of the geothermal potential in our area is an important step towards achieving our goal of supplying even more sustainable and safe district heating to our customers in Allerød, Fredensborg, Hørsholm and Rudersdal.”

Morten Slotved

Chairman of Norfors' Board of Directors

In brief

  • Over the next year, Norfors and Innargi A/S will clarify the potential for geothermal energy for district heating customers in Hørsholm
  • Innargi’s business model guarantees that Innargi takes 100% of the risk and cost of the initial exploration phase, and no funding is required from Norfors until heat flows.
  • The energy potential for geothermal energy is exceptionally large, but the realisation of the potential depends on the conditions in the subsoil (sufficient flow and temperature) and the availability of land in the vicinity of the district heating network.

“I am very pleased on behalf of our heating customers that Norfors does not run any financial risk with this framework agreement. We look forward to exploring the possibilities of geothermal energy and how geothermal can be integrated into our district heating system. This collaboration marks our commitment to seeking innovative solutions that can ensure a sustainable energy future for our customers.”

Jette Miller

CEO of Norfors

About the parties involved

Norfors is a joint municipal utility company founded in 1965. The stakeholders are: Allerød Municipality, Fredensborg Municipality, Helsingør Municipality, Hørsholm Municipality and Rudersdal Municipality. In Norfor’s stakeholder municipalities there are a total of approximately 212,000 inhabitants.

Innargi finances, develops, builds and operates large geothermal heating plants for district heating companies. The company is owned by A.P. Møller Holding A/S, ATP, NRGi and Sampension.