Project: Holbæk, Denmark

project • Geothermal

The utility company Fors has entered into an agreement with Innargi about investigating the possibility for geothermal heating in the Danish city of Holbæk. Holbæk is the biggest gas-heated city in Denmark, and Fors has a big task ahead of them, as they need to convert the entire city from natural gas to district heating in the coming years.

In brief

  • The expectation is that Holbæk will be provided with two well pairs which can supply 15-30 MW.
  • The heat is expected to be delivered in conjunction with the expansion of the district heating network in Holbaek. Specifically, this will be towards the end of 2026.
  • Currently, almost all of the households in Holbæk are heated by natural gas, making it the biggest gas-heated city in Denmark.

“I am very happy about the perspectives that utilizing geothermal heating in our municipality brings. It can become a good and important supplement to the coming roll out of district heating. A great restructuring task awaits us, as today all of 64% of heating in Holbæk is based on oil or natural gas. Geothermal heating speaks well to our ambitions for the green transition to sustainable and renewable energy sources in our heat supply.”

Christina Krzyrosiak Hansen,

Mayor of Holbæk

Fors A/S

is a locally rooted utility company with about 200 employees that supplies water, district heating, cleans wastewater, collects waste, and manages recycling depots. In total, Fors reaches 200,000 customers with one or more of their products each day.